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Today, December 22, 2022, is an insufficient day, according to this blogger; might it be sufficient to you? Share!

Yet, to a numerological point of view; this day will the last time there will be a lineup of twos, that is until 2222 AD!

Actually, that lineup of twos happened twice this year; 02/22/2022 and now 12/22/2022. Interesting? No? Okay.

There has only been one day in the history of earth where there was a set of numbers; that was November 11th, 1111 AD. I did a tiny search, and it could be said that nothing of noteworthy significance happened. Mainly because, my terse research demonstrates, most people at the time did not read or write; the Church took care of the calendar. And they probably didn’t do a thing.

Now, today, there is a line of twos, one zero, and a lonely one; the two’s ganged up on the one!

In two hundred years, that’s when the lineup will be all 2s.

Will the earth still be there in 200 years? I’m sure that, probably, is why the clergy didn’t tell the laity about, or make any significant observations in 1111 AD: what will the future hold? Will there be people?

So; in 200 years, what could possibly happen?

Here is a long held belief of mine: I predict that my children’s children will be living on the moon. Well, the original belief was that MY children would be living on the moon, but I advanced it a bit. With the shape of things now… yet things are looking up…

What else could happen in two hundred years?

Will Hockey still be around? Will Vancouver Canucks hoist multiple Stanley Cups? Will Toronto Maple Leafs ever win a playoff series?

Will the Olympics continue? Right now, it is becoming so expensive for a host city to plan, bid and raise the Olympic flag; somewhere over 3 Billion bucks… for a two week party, then again for the Paralympics. And all the training… Maybe some kid within the next two hundred years will master a sextuple or even a septuple Axel in figure skating? Will Darts be included in the Olympics? Cricket?

Turning to other topics: I very much hope poverty is eliminated within 200 years, cancer is eradicated, food replicators are in ever home, hunger is curbed, sickness abounds (yes, we need sickness, and cures), money is available for all, and ataxia is cured!

Well, so, this is the last of the 2s, for two hundred years, take no notice, write no reminder, unless you are borne today, or you conceived your progeny today! Winks! Or you got a job! Or you passed on, in that case your relatives would take note!

That is just my point of view, and your’s is most likely different!

Okay, enough of that. In 2023, I will accomplish the following:
• complete my first novel,
• update and organize my blog,
• become king of an island nation,
• become a stunt car driver,
• lose 25 pounds
• have 15 people LIKE my blogs!

I can dream yes!

Thank you all for reading, LIKING.

Have a Merry Christmas!

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