CAPOS part P – Pes Cavus

Folks, back to the CAPOS examination —

A simple topic eh?  Think again!

What is Pes Cavus?

Basically it is: Pes cavus is a high arch of the foot that does not flatten with weight bearing.  The deformity can be located in the forefoot, the midfoot, the hindfoot, or a combination of these sites. (Medscape website)

What that means, I am guessing, is that when I walk, my full weight is not supported by my feet. My feet are not carrying 201 lbs.  Coupled with my ataxia, lack of coordination, it is surprising I have had no serious falls or broken foot bones.

Oh sure, I’ve sprained my ankles many times, most recently being Spring 2015, which happened when I was crossing the street, and stepped into a small pothole, which sent me flying into traffic, my son confused, my hearing ear dog startled, and my intervenor unsure on what to do.

Usually these sprains just need icing and Advil.  I did go to the ER when I fell down a flight of stairs carrying my 18 month old son.  I tripped on a round tube.  The ER wanted me to use crutches home.  I did, but just to the car.  I cannot walk on crutches!

The only time I was ever encased in cast was when I was when I was in mid teens or so… while my parents were in Hawaii!  I verily twisted my ankle verily bad.  My brother decided, I probably agreed with the doctor as well, to get my right foot in a cast.  So that was done.

I feel that the Ataxia and Pes Cavus work together to make walking much more of a chore.

Right now, and for a while now, I’ve had various pain in my legs, knees, and feet.  I need to see a specialist to deal with this, and my tinnitus, which is driving me batty!

I sign all my blogs with the catch phrase, and I hope you do:

Enjoy Life!

Je vous souhaite



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