CAPOS part A – Areflexia

Hi everyone,

I am getting back into the origins of this blog…

To educate you and, mainly, myself about CAPOS.

The C (Cerebellar ataxia) part was does a while back… Scrroll down to find it…

Part A is on Areflexia: says that Areflexia is simply an absence of neurologic reflexes such as the knee jerk reaction.

Other websites simply say areflexia is an absence of reflexes.

I have never had a reaction any knee bopping with a rubber hammer, never!

Does being areflexic mean my overall reflexes are not as quick as others?

Let us explore:

One time ages ago, I was playing baseball with family and friends, I struck out at least 15 times.  I could not see the ball, and when I did, I swung too late or too early.  I’ve never played again.

Playing Wii with the kids, my reflexes are very bad and they always beat me.  But, experience does pay off, as if I know the level well, I can beat them!

One of the most basic reflexes is catching a ball or beanbag.  This is a skill most kids learn young.  It seems to be natural, fluid motion.  For myself, I have never been able to catch a beanbag five times in a row.  Once I did 19 catches in a row.  I guess it is both my eye-hand coordination and areflexia.

I guess I will never juggle chainsaws or flaming sticks of dynamite!

Does an absence of reflexes 0mean my witty remarks may not come as quickly as you’d think, but, let me ask my specialist.

The specialist answered, the reflexes don’t have anything to do with my thinking.  They are related to motor nerves.

Which is what I thought.  I need to crank up the retort metre!

Part P will come shortly.

Enjoy Life!



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