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Welcome to 2023! Happy New Year! I started this article late last year, early December in fact. Then promptly put it on the back burner; I encountered an overload of information. I’ve fixed it up… and

Let’s free associate: what comes to mind when I say “Trunk”?

Do you conjure an image of the cargo space at the back of your Impala?
Do you think of majestic cedars growing on the mountians?
There are trunks, an archaic (?) for men’s swimwear.
Even an elephant has one, a trunk, not swimwear!
Some other Trunk terms: streets, 70s rock band, railroads are rife with trunk terms, beer brands, sandwiches, metaphors such as “Trunk on!” & “Trunk you!”

Ahem… That is well enough free association for today!

Most importantly, the trunk is also a part of the body, it is actually the main centre of industry within everyone! You probably know it better as the Torso; which clearly is part of the body, whereas trunk has many definitions: as opaquely delineated above.

Medical terminology still refers to as the Trunk, weirdly, look at the image below:
Here is the alt text:
• Thoracic (Upper) Trunk: starts at base of neck to bottom of ribcage,
• Abdominal (Lower) Trunk: starts at top of pelvis to bottom,
• Middle Trunk: is the area between the two, there are no bones other than the spinal cord down the middle.
Can you spot the vital organs within each trunk area?

And so… What’s all this details about trunks, why the heck am I even writing this blog?

Well, I have noticed a few things: I would sit for a while, watching TV, or blogging, when quite abruptly, my midsection would either jerk to one side, or spasm to another, I might lurch, sway or even, near-fall off the chair. I’m not even laughing at anything! I had no idea why this happened, only adding another checkmark to the frustration checklist that is ataxia.

It wasn’t until late November when I read an scientific article about CAPOS and Physical Therapy that I discovered there is research done, terms connected, eyes (mine) opened, knowledge learned about the Trunk and Ataxia!

I was stunned, that article there were two phrases that I’ve not seen before… Truncal Hypotonia and Trunk Control Measurement Scale (TCMS).

There were also other interesting words: including SARA, severe dearth & QOL,, I’ll probably do a couple of blogs about these terms!

What I am getting at is while I am knowledgeable about CAPOS, there is so much more to learn, to grasp, to share.

As I did here; I educated you about the trunk, the torso, and enlightened you about terms I’ve discovered. I’ll expand those terms within the month!

That is what I wanted to tell you! So, if you look at something, anything, especially the human body, there can be thousand of terms relating to that specific thing!

I think that is enough for today, publishing!

Thank you for reading, liking, sharing, donating!

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