Big Funds Disputed

Hi there, I am making a comment here in relation to something I saw on TikTok the other day.

I was trolling, flipping, thru TikTok and came upon an video essay on a renown celebrity who committed suicide.

I am not going to name the celeb or the reasons behind the suicide, well other than they were depressed and that they had recently been diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Those are viable, through not commendable, reasons for ending ones life. Again, I am not discussing those reasons. Which, in my mind, is more understandable than the one given in the essay.

And that reason is money; in this case, the star took a nosedive from earning 150 million dollars a year, to 30 million during their final two or three years.

The essay portrays the star’s depression was rooted in their loss of income. To that I disagree. While the loss of 120 million dollars is justifiable, it is hard to believe that the

What I am trying to say here is that: 30 million dollars is a lot of money! Many, many, many people live from day to day on far less than that!

My family earns around 47 thousand a year; that is $47,000. Whereas the celebrity earned $30,000,000 a year.

Yes, I have an incurable disability, that will only get worse as time goes by; my son is first mate of this boat, I’m calling it the CAPOS Ship. Meanwhile, my other son is captaining his own spaceship with his diagnosis. And my wife – love her to infinity – is cruising life, strategically, from the not-so-comfortable, often overwhelming and tearful seat in her mothership,

There are an uncountable number of people in so many different situations, such as:
– make ends meet,
– get a job,
– deal with disability,
– get out of a bad relationship,
– publish a book,
– afford Christmas,
– etc etc etc
Yet, they keep going, keep doing what they do, keep healthy.

While the celeb did what they did, remember I am not judging the reasons why they chose to end their life; having that sum of money is mind-boggling! 30 million dollars could buy:
– five 18-wheelers full of Adult McHappy meals
– 84,502 Starbucks americanos,
– 21,834,209 condoms,
– 10,222 dinners at The Keg,
– 48 months of rent, in Vancouver and Toronto,
– 232 gallons of gas,
– a lifetime of maid service…
– etc etc etc…

In other words, 30 mil is a shitload of money, and many of us bottom-dwellers will never see that much money.

So, I feel that the celeb killed themselves because of their diagnosis, which lead to their depression. And the nosedive did play some role, yet it should not be paraded as the cause, but a factor thereof. The diagnosis is paramount, in my opinion.

Thank you for reading, all figures are pure fictional, especially the last creative set.

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