can I help you?

You know what my biggest peeve is?Image result for helping clipart

People who think I need help because they see my white cane and my sunglasses.  They think: Gasp!  A blind man!  He can’t see!  I must help!

“Sir, are you okay?”

“This bus goes to Lougheed Mall.”

“Are you lost?”

“The debit card goes in the slot.”

These are possible comments that people are saying: being Deaf, I have no idea what they are saying!

Remember my Jerked on the subway blog, which demonstrates a perfect example of people jumping to conclusions!

The moral of this blog is, if I ask you for help, then yes, I need it.  If I don’t ask, I don’t need.

I have had people walk beside me for a few hundred yards, obviously trying to help or being friendly with The Blind Guy.  But that Blind Guy is actually quite fine, and he is That DeafBlind Guy!  I hope that by not acknowledging you kindness, I am preventing you from helping other individuals.

By the way, just to set the record straight: I couldn’t hear a siren from a firetruck unless it is right on top of me, and I just happened to be looking not at the truck, but to the left.  If you can figure that out, raise your left hand!

Naturally, if I fall over in public, cracking my knee on the pavement, then YES, help is needed!  I cannot deny that, I won’t ask either! And I do thank you!

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