Can I help you (in a store)

This is getting to be troublesome!

Last week, I posted about Can I help you in a public sort of way.

Yet, when in a store, minding my own business, only to be bothered by four Sales Reps asking “If I need help?” That just is beyond annoying!

Being Deaf-Blind, I use a white cane most days.

Last week, I had an hour to kill between appointments, so I decided to check out an Army & Navy store in New Westminster.  I remember going to this store as a teen to get good deals for boots and such.  I had not been in this store for ages.  Thought it would be interesting nostalgic journey that turned into one of annoyance.

I entered the store on the first floor, found the shoe department, had a look around, then wandered over to the men’s area.  At this point someone did approach me, mainly because I looked into a box of stuff that was not shelved yet.  I guess the Sales rep asked if I wanted something, but being Deaf, I could not hear.  I gave her a “I’m Deaf” gesture and wandered away.

Next, I went upstairs, and one Sales rep followed me.  On this floor had bed & bath stuff.  I browsed.  One rep approached me, and I shoo-ed her away.  I could see this rep talking with another rep, who approached me and said something to me.  I gave her a firm Thumbs Up.  She left me alone to look at bed sheet sets.

Could it be that:

a) it is taboo for men to shop for bed sheets alone,

b) it is uncommon for blind men to shop alone, or

c) it is necessary to protect blind men from excessive purchases?

Whatever the reason for this entourage of Sale reps following me like groupies at a Jeff Healey concert is very weird!

I am, to make matters clear, very able and knowledgeable on bedding.  And, if I need help from a Sales Rep, I would ask, wouldn’t I?

You won’t find me in that Army & Navy anytime soon!

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