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10 Mistakes That Hurt Blind People the Most

All of these are very good points!  Did you read number four?

4. I do not need an interior decorator. I know sometimes it’s an accident, but please don’t move my things without telling me. Especially if we’re at my house, and you move something then leave. Rearranging my stuff to fit feng shui principles could cost me a few hours.

From a Deaf-Blind perspective, this is very true!  Even more so!  I have seen fully Deaf-Blind people move very confidentially around their apartment without cracking their heads on doors left open, without bloodying their knees walking into cupboards left open, and with all fingers intact, even with sharp objects on the counters!

The Blind or Deaf-Blind person has a mental image of their home!  And if someone moves the Keurig to a different area of the kitchen, all hell will break loose!

What is appropriate for you, visitor, guide, or intervenor, to do is: inform the homeowner that something is askew:

  • Hey Bob, (in a casual, unalarming voice) there is a rather large spider next to your Keurig. would you like me to help you kill it or set it free?
  • Judy, did you realize there is a piece of bacon under the table.  Were you expecting company?
  • Oh, what is that smell?  Craig, did you know your son’s poopy diaper is on the floor?  (True story, I guess one of my sons had a bowel movement, removed his diaper and ran.  Luckily I caught him before more damage was done… and yes, my nose does not work!)

You are acting as the eyes and ears of those whose eyes and ears are not as good as yours.

Also, did you read point 8?

8. Either ignore the blind flails or help. If you happen to notice me fumbling around looking for my drink or my napkin, see my cane get stuck in a crack in the sidewalk and slam me in the chest or watch as I get spectacularly lost and wander around in circles trying to get my bearings, please don’t make a big scene about it.

This is what I was talking about in my Can I help you blog.  If you see my trying to find a place to eat, let me be.  I didn’t ask for your help, if I need it, I will ask!

Thank you for reading!

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