Ignoring you


When I was in high school, my psychologist, who worked with many Deaf children and adults, gave me a good quote that I’d like to share with you;

“I am not ignoring you, stuck up or ________, I am just Deaf.”

Obviously I cannot remember the full quote, it has been over 30 years since I saw her last!  She was fundamental in helping me become who I am.

Now, I am going to switch this quote to Who I am Now…

“I am not drunk, ignoring you or walking into things, I am Deaf-Blind with Ataxia”

This flows from yesterday’s blog, Can I help you, and from previous Police blogs from a year ago (example here).

This quote also covers “ignoring” which I find is vital for my situation.  We all know what ignoring means right:

  • Ignoring speed limits on the highway
  • Ignoring the “Computer Full” pop up
  • Ignoring someone taunting, tempting or targeting you
  • Ignoring your wife’s comments in lieu of beating level 1524 of Candy Crush
  • Ignoring people talking to you on the bus
  • Et cetera, et cetera….

In my life, I can’t hear people talking to me nor can I lipread them.  And, I might not see the mess on the floor.  You might need to tap my shoulder to get my attention.  And, I will help you, the wife, the kids, do whatever is needed.   I am not ignoring you!

So, if you do see me and want to help, tap me on the shoulder to get my attention, then gesture “shoulders up,” which is the universal sign for “Can I help you?”  If I continue on my way, let me be, don’t feel upset or spurred.  I am fine.  Thank you!  But, if you just blah blah in my ear, I will not hear you, nor see you.

Thank you  for reading!

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