Random thoughts #26

No, there are not twenty-six random thoughts here. Just thought 26 was a nice number!

First: who among my extensive and beautiful readers has had a CT (computed tomography) scan?

I’ve had quite a few over the course of my many revolutions around the sun. Just had one done yesterday, an avoidable emergency.

My first time in this machine, I was told there would be loud clicking noises, as the camera moves around its donut home.

Some folks may experience claustrophobia inside this tiny space, and then the click-click-click would drive a person batty. Right?

The last five times I’ve been scanned, the technicians put earplugs in my ears to help curb the noise, possibly reducing anxiety from being in a tiny jam, unable to move.

Hello… I’m Deaf! I don’t need those one-use gooey things. I actually told a few lab techs that I don’t need those, but they still plug them in! A waste of funds if you ask me!

And, I never freak out in these machines, I actually fall asleep. Zzz zzz!

Stay tuned for Random thoughts #27.

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