Random thoughts #27

Hi there, as per yesterday’s random thought, today’s will continue the number thread!

Do you watch Netflix? Amazon Prime? Disney+, et al?

Do you watch movies with captions? I do, being DeafBlind, I need them.

Usually the programs are straightforward, with captions focusing on what is being said, if there is singing, that is also added. (Usually, they not always, recently watched RV on Netflix, there was at least four fam-jams of singing, but strangely, Netflix did not caption the songs… weird right?)

Anyways, captions now, with more regularity, explain what type of music accompanies the dialogue, and sound effects too. Usually, depending on which streaming service, these effects are found inside (#…#) junctions.

(#dramatic music#)

(#background chatter#)

(#engine revving#)

(#somber music#)

(#scraping noises#)

(#stirring music#)

(#… wait what? What was that? Stirring music? What exactly is stirring music? The scene didn’t have anyone stirring anything?

When I see the phrase Stirring Music, I automatically think of stirring my coffee loudly! As respected homage to my late dad, who would stir his coffee with such loud whacks that people in the next house can hear him! He was hard of hearing/almost deaf in one ear.

I’ve taken to emulating him in this regard! In such a way that my wife likes to stop me by saying… “You ca stop that now Jeff!” Obviously that’s my dad’s name!

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