Bears on bikes!

Hey everyone:

Close to my home in Port Moody, BC, there is a large area that is protected from development.  It is around the Burrard Inlet, and it is a watershed.  Plus there are a lot of bears!

Through I have not seen any bear yet, or cougar or even a squirrel, they are there! Plus jellyfish and coyotes and bobcats and deer and other wild animals!

Here is a series of whimsical sidewalk art to warn people to be wary of animals.

a Bear of a bicycle….

The bear is giving a Deer a ride…

And a Heron hitches a ride on the Bear!

A Fish is seen jumping around the Deer’s antlers!  Its my guess the Heron and Bear are not hungry…

And finally there is a Beaver riding the Bear!

Do you like my smashing green shoes?  I love them too!

Enjoy your day!

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