Blind moment 212


Have you ever done this:

Made yourself a cup of coffee, then added apple juice instead of cream?  Well that is not really a blind moment, just a overwhelmed blunder.  The apple juice was between the coffee cup and the Keurig, while the cream was in the fridge!

Here is another:

Have you made meatloaf using cocoa powder instead of breadcrumbs?  I have!  By the way, it was delicious!

How did I accomplish this feat?  Well, I was cutting up an onion, and started to cry, onions do that as you know.  So I closed my eyes and used my sense of touch to finish cutting the mean ol’ onion.  I am skilled at cutting visually or tactically, no problems!  After scrapping the diced onion into the bowl with the beef, egg, ketchup, mustard and some other secret ingredients, I reached up to the cupboard directly above and took the “breadcrumbs” out, removed the lid and poured a large dumping into the bowl.  Oh, I forgot to tell you: My eyes were still closed due to the mean ol’ onion making me cry!

So, after I grabbed a towel to wipe my eyes clean of tears.  I was about to mash my meatloaf together when I noticed the “breadcrumbs” did not have the right consistency!  That was when I noticed the Cocoa container was open and the breadcrumb container, which are the same size, but on different shelves, was still in the cupboard!


Yes, I did grab the breadcrumbs, upend the container into the bowl and hope that it overpowers the chocolatey taste!  It did!

99% of my meatloaves always turn out great and my kids always love it!  Haven’t made one in a long time that did not stick around for leftovers!

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