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Without?  What is without?  If I am without water, I become thirsty, right?

If you are without food, you become hungry.

If you are without makeup, you might feel “naked” at a party, depending on if you wear makeup or not.

If you are without clean clothes, you really are naked at that fancy party.

These examples are easily fixed: Go buy a bottle of Evian, go chow down on a giant burrito, buy something from Avon, and wash your clothes!  Easy right?

Now, if you are Deaf-Blind and without an intervenor.  There is not an easy solution if your province does not provide intervenors.

I am not going to illustrate how an intervenor will improve the situation: you will see for yourself in the following examples:

About 4 years ago, I somehow cracked my tooth, suffice to say it was a bad combination of sneezing and a stow-a-couch.

I made an appointment to see my  dentist the following Saturday.  I was unable to book interpreter or intervenor.  So, I used my iPad and the Dentist typed out questions and I answered verbally.  But it was a slow process!

Next example: My oldes son, who also has CAPOS had an audiologicaly assessment.  They did try to secure an interpreter, without luck.

So, I used my tablet and bluetooth keyboard. I was able to fully understand and she was able to ask questions.

The third example happened just recently: my youngest son had a last minute appointment with our pediatirician.  I was without an interpreter.  However, my wife was able to call, during her lunch break, to converse our concerns.  I was just the delivery guy.

As you can see, I hope, that an intervenor would have helped empower my communication in a clear and quicker way.

Sure, using techology is a good backup, and is most used when other else is available!

Let us bring intervenors to Vancouver’s Deaf-Blind community!

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