Now that I have reached this milestone, I will do the following hereon after:

  1. One blog everyday, two or more for bonus.
  2. Work on my four stories that I have going. One dates about 19 years.  I want to eventually publish them.
    1. Story of Max: Deaf-Blind cop.  Wrote a majority of this on my Euroopean holiday, Summer of 2000.
    2. Story of Curt: How a Deaf-Blind guy witnesses and then solves a crime
    3. Ballad of a Falling Man: about a Deaf-Blind man becoming rich.
    4. Story of a girl on different world (sci-fi).  The intro I wrote one evening in 2006…
  3. Budget 101, 201 and 401!
  4. Read the Bible everyday (I am doing very good, now 49 day streak, am at Proverbs 6.
  5. Do my daily exercises, 20 minutes.
  6. Support my wife in all forms and matters.  Which means NO more arguing over silly things.
  7. And help my kids learn to the best of their abilities.

Today, I start afresh!

Tomorrow will keep the flame alive!


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