Am I Crazy?

During the summer of 2017, my family and I, which includes my mom-in-law and a dog and cat, moved from Toronto to Vancouver.

Why did we move?  Many reasons:

– to  be closer to my family

– to avoid winter, which can be very bad for me with piles and piles of snow no end in sight.  Plus avoid summer, which can be hot enough to fry an egg on the roof of your car.  Remember I need to avoid hot places; new rule.

– I also wanted to be among my friends.  And wanted to be able to help them secure Intervenor services.

Now, in Toronto they have excellent intervenor services, two different agencies provide top notch intervenor services to many DeafBlind consumers.  Which includes emergency intervenor services.

So, why did I leave that all behind for a city, and province, that has no Intervenor services for DeafBlind adults?  Well, it is my personal goal to help SET up these services.  To help teach and monitor, and support.

I have knowledge of intervenor services in Toronto that can be beneficial to Vancouver.

I feel strongly that I did not make a mistake moving back to Vancouver!



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