Accessible fast food

Yes, I have run this topic before, I blogged about it during the fall.

Yet, I need to examine it again.

Today, I went to not one, but two fast food dives; Carls Jr and Taco del Mar.

I was introduced to Carls Jr in 1998 on the way to Reno from Sacramento.  It was heavenly!  Then when Carls Jr moved into Canada I was excited to find it on Yonge and St. Clair.  Sadly that store closed for some reason.  But today I found one in Port Coquitlam, about 30 minutes from my home.

I was excited to have a big Carls Jr burger.

In Toronto, they had a glossy 6 panel pamplet with all their savory choices, I expected this Carls Jr to have the same accessibility feature.

They did not.

Then I sent to Taco del Mar, and they did not have an accessible menu either.  Even through the counter worker did look, in vain.

For me, Accessible Menu means a printed pamplet that I can read at eye level.  I am not guessing what the place has or has not, I am not wasting my time trying to guess.  It is frustrating.  Overhead menus are of no use to me.

I am tweeting this to Carls Jr and Taco del Mar.

It is time for all fast food restaurants to become more accessible!

Thank you!

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