As February winds down…

…so does my ability to move.

No, I am not talking about walking, going from place to place, but actually moving; as in relocating, old house to new house!

Yes, we are moving from a small townhouse to a bigger townhouse in the same housing complex! While it is really very local, it is the SAME address! We hired movers and their van.

You might think that is silly, we are moving from unit 54 to 2; it is less than 200 feet between houses!

No, it is not silly! It is actually a great investment!

If you have moved, you know that moving requires a lot of energy; all that packing, lifting, carrying, then unpacking, putting things away. You know, the rituals of moving.

For almost everyone else; that is quite simple. You probably won’t consider Movers, but will get a truck, pack up your stuff, carry your stuff to the truck, essentially move your stuff from one house to the next. You would be doing a lot of the work, it is your stuff right? You might have a few friends, relatives, helping. It would be ideal, cheaper.

Well, for a person with CAPOS (You know: Cerebellar ataxia, areflexia, pes cavus, and especially Optic atrophy) moving those boxes can be a greater challenge!

For me, I drop things, fall over, walk into things that I could not see, when I turn carrying a box, I would fall, I would walk into walls. Plus, I would stumble over things. Banged my head on things.

Even through I want to be The Man and actually be there, supervising the move. I am being a better Man by staying out, letting the movers do their work.

I haven’t mentioned Deafness yet, it is a key factor in moving;

Mover asks “Where is this going?” Me: “What?”

Mover “Look out!” Me “What?” followed quickly by a loud crack as my skull connects with the TV stand, then sirens as an ambulance is summoned…

So, that just about covers everything under CAPOS!

I started this blog just as the movers had started work (I am at my Mum’s house) and now they are finished unpacking my current house, and moving stuff to the new house! Yippee!

Hiring movers is ideal for those who have almost any sort of disability. Use them! Less your stress!

Thank you for reading!

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