Jimmy Carter Falls – reader’s response

Hey folks!

My good friend offered the following comments regarding my Jimmy Carter falls blog.  I had to quote it word for word!

My response: Craig, Craig… If you want more media attention, telling the press to “Buzz Off”, may be an unfortunate choice of words. You need to smile bravely while you drag yourself into the house. Preferably with your children gamely trying to lift you up the stairs while Carrie cries and wrings her hands in anguish and mutters, “I should have gotten a better life insurance policy on him”. Then as you finally get to your feet, the dog comes running and joyfully jumps on you, sending you tumbling back down the stairs. (Avoid swearing since there are children and a woman present). Still, you graciously kiss up to the press so that they’ll write a spectacular story.

BTW, my wife says I am not eligible for life insurance, I am too “disabled”!  Go figure!

Thanks for the advice!

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