Jimmy Carter falls for third time!

Hey, I was reading CBC online news yesterday and upon a fascinating article, Jimmy Carter Falls and breaks pelvis.

Um… hello… why is this actually newsworthy?

Countless people fall everyday! Many ERs are filled with people who fell, broke hips, knees, arms, pelvis, toes… the list is endless!

As for me… I fall, or nearly fall, almost every time I stand up, or sit down!  Yesterday I nearly fell down the stairs.  I was on my way to the bottom when my foot got stuck somehow, and I sped up, until I used my left hand to stop myself.  I smacked the wall with such force that my hand was bruised afterwards!

So, why is Jimmy’s fall news?  Oh, yes, he is the 39th President of the US, he is 95, and he is still married to Rosalynn for 73 years…

I am torn, if I fall, will CBC news run an article on me?  I can see the headline:

“Deaf-Blind falls off front porch step!”

Craig MacLean, 51, was found sprawled on the sidewalk in front of his house yesterday afternoon.  MacLean refused medical treatment and told this reporter: “I tried to step up, but some some reason I couldn’t make my foot firmly land on the step, and I toppled backwards.”  MacLean picked himself up slowly and entered the house, telling this reporter to buzz off and look up CAPOS.blog!

Hahaha!  Funny right!

But there is a grain of salt in there: If I fall, I can get up and carry on.  I try to avoid unnecessary attention!

Anyways: here is the astounding article about Jimmy Carter’s Fall.

More to come!

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