Front Row

Hey folks, how are you all doing?

I am wondering about something…

Why is it that Deaf-Blind people automatically get front row seats?

Even if they are unable to see, clearly, the action or communication.

Recently, I’ve attended two performances: one of Prince Hamlet with Deaf actress Jodi Birley, and a workshop with World Federation of the Deaf president Colin Allen.  Both were obviously in ASL, and I did have Deaf Interpreters.

But my issue is:

Why were the Deaf-Blind sitting in the front row?

I could barely see the performance, and could not see the DIs.  The workshop was an amazing message, a strong message!  Yet, for me, I could not fully grasp the magnitude or power of Colin’s workshop.

In both cases it was all about lighting; Prince Hamlet was dark, dark!  The workshop had bright powerpoint projections.

Planning is key to improving!

I would have liked to sit, at a more accessible place, not at the front, but at the side or back, with two Deaf Interpreters.  Had I been given this opportunity, I would have grabbed it!

So, I ask you: do you feel pressured to take the front row or to sit, with support, somewhere else?

Thank you for listening!


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