Why did I stop?

Hey folks!

Why haven’t I written anything in a good long time?

I honestly cannot say!  Sometimes I would sit and play games on my phone or read news articles.  Meanwhile my ideas are gone, and my readers are going!

I don’t understand!  The laptop is right there are available!  I have lots of great ideas & experiences to share!  You will read shortly about the Prescription Mix up.

I can hypothesize why I stopped writing; its not about a block but about a dollar!  Over two years of WordPress usage, using the pay service, and I’ve only raised 59 cents!

I feel that this should be a bit higher, in the 7 dollar range perhaps.

I have WordAds, and now Affiliate status, yet have no idea how to profit or post them accurately!

I’ll ask my wife to help this quagmire become more profitable!

I also remind myself; writing on wordpress is not about profit, but enjoyment!

So, enjoy reading the next article!



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