How Deaf am I?

Hey ya all!

I just want to tell you how deaf I am!

I can “Hear” if someone is talking, but what they say I can’t understand.

I can “Hear” my wife yelling, and often attribute it to anger.  But what she is yelling, is lost on me.

I can “Hear” my kids talking, but again, what they are saying is beyond my ability to know.

I can’t even tell which one is talking, if Boy 1 is on Left and Boy 2 on Right, I still can’t tell who is talking.

I am not at the least bit sad about this; it is me!  I can’t change me just as a leopard can’t change its spots!

I can hear, or so I thought, my dog barking at the door!  Tuesday morning I was blogging and so forth, yet was constantly annoyed that my Maltese cross Shih Tzu was always barking at the front door!  Finally I had enough of his barkery, I turned to scold him… sleeping on the La-Z-Boy!  Hmm!  Who was barking?  I know we only had one dog, and I couldn’t hear the TV, so what was Barking?  I sat down at my laptop and pondered, and added to the blog I was working on.  Bark Bark!  There it was again!  What?  Then I picked up the mouse, and moved the cursor, Bark Bark!  Ahh!  Case solved!  I had my ZoomText Reader on!  And it was Barking at me everything!  I got it!

Usually I turn this feature off, but apparently I had so much to do Tuesday morning that I had forgotten to do that!

Have yourself a great day!

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