A story of Pizza

This is a story of a Deaf-Blind person buying pizza for his boys and himself.

The first part is Without an intervenor.

My boys had the day off school, so I decided to bring them with me to Deaf-Blind Drop In that happens each Friday.

As it was getting on Lunchtime, I knew my boys and myself were hungry.

There is a pizza dive close by, so I took my kids there.

There was a misunderstanding between myself and my youngest boy. I wanted two slices each, for a total of six, in a box for easier transpo. But the boy told the clerk 2 large pizzas! I signed “Pizza 2, in front of both boys and myself” So it sorta looked like a circle. Yeah there we go! Both the older boy and myself had picked our pizza, then the younger told the clerk.

She added up my bill and I paid. The screen is very small and I could not read it, nor could Iread the ATM machine or the receipt.

I thought it said $13.

I realized something was wrong when my kids told me to wait. And I looked at receipt again, what was $13 was actually $32! Gasp!

I realized the younger boy had misunderstood me! Not two large Pizzas but two slices each!

I explained that to him!

I also tried to explain that to the clerk, but she did not understand and the line was getting long!

Now, I decided to go ask if a retired interpreter volunteer who was at the Drop In if he would mind helping me. He said yes. I left the boys there.

Now is part two: With an Intervenor.

I went back to the Fresh Slice Pizza restaurant with the volunteer. And, through ASL, I explained that my son had misunderstood my signs. He thought I said 2 Large Pizza, but I meants 2 slices each in a box!

The clerk fully understood and I was able to downgrade my order, get six slices in a pizza box and collected $16 dollars refund!

The intervenor was able to convoy clearly what I wanted. Plus provide auditory and visual information.

What visual information: He informed me the price on the hard to see screen, the pizza names, telling me what is on each. He also told me the line was getting long, but I still got the pizzas I wanted!

Yes, my kids are becoming, daily, more adept with conversing with me! I have become accustomed to them signing new signs that I have seem them use before! I am proud of them!

As you can see, With Intervenors is a must for Deaf-Blind people. it would make things so much easier for Deaf-Blind persons, the community, and businesses!

Thank you for listening!

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