I am Deaf!

Hey folks!

I am Deaf right!

I could not hear a siren or any loud noise unless my left ear is turned toward the sound!

I’ve told you about this in Did you hear the fire truck post.

Many times, and I often run out of fingers counting, I have been approached by people talking to me about this or that.  Or I’m trying to get my point across.

So, here is a play by play…

Me: Giving them a coupon (2 for 1)… gesturing 3.

Cash: Blah blah blah

M: gesturing, Deaf

C: Blah blah blah.

M: Coffee (voice is croaky)

C: inputs to menu… one combo with Root Beer, one combo with coffee… $12.38

M; holding three fingers up…

C: inputs three combos, total $28.11

M: What?  How did that three combos cost $28 bucks? (Voice is very croaky, I must sound like George Burns impersonating Donald Duck with a serious sinus infection!)  I want THREE!  It should not cost that must!

C: Inputs… two combos, and one hamburger…total $18.94.

M: Thank you!  That is better!

Oh, that is a recent event… But I am also talking about people who continue to blah blah blah at me, after I have told them several times: I am Deaf!  And my White cane is obvious.  So, they are not making the connection… Get with the program!  I am Deaf-Blind.  Lipreading is beyond my abilities!

And, yes, I do have cards ready!

I will share with you a fun story that happened to me in Florence, Italy almost 18 years ago.

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