Did you hear the Fire Truck?

Well?  Did you?

Or an Ambulance, or a Police cruiser?


Those sirens can be mega loud!  Plus the lights!  Blinding yes!

I tell you!  For me, Deaf-Blind, I cannot hear the siren of any of those, unless they are a foot away, and I am looking away from them!

Here is an analogy…

Once I was crossing a very busy street, I had the light, and had my white cane out.  I was half way across the 5-lane right side with cars waiting for their light to change.  I noticed something weird, everything had stopped moving, this intersection is always busy!  I continued on my way, as I was probably hungry, heading to the A&W on the corner.  As I was passing the last of lanes on the right side, which is used for turning, I was startled by a VERY loud noise!  I looked to my left, and saw a Fire Truck less than a foot from me!  I did not hear the siren!  Yet, when I looked at the truck, the sound died!  Obviously, I did not linger in that particular spot, but darted across the left lanes in a jog, heart thumping!

Another example!

I once was trying to see if boombox system would work for me.  I jacked the volume up sky high, stood in front of the device, heard a soft hum, I turned to my left and was assaulted by a wave of noise!  I looked back at the device, and the hum returned.  I looked to my right and was asked by a store clerk to turn the volume off!  Or that is what she said before she turned it down herself.

All the people in that store, the neighboring stores, the whole top floor, were wondering if some rock star was doing an impromptu concert… Say sorry!

BTW, I have no idea if the noise from the speakers was punk rock, talk radio or classic Chinese music!

So, my left ear better… and if I am looking at the source, I hear zippo!

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