Depression & Disability

This will be a long topic, and so I am going to break it up into smaller bits.

I recently asked my Facebook peeps if Disability and Depression go together like peanut butter and jam.  Most, in fact, all of them said Yes!  One said Yep, but I’ll count that as a yes.

Here is what my friends said:  Names have been removed.

Yes it is, when I am depressed I am the blind man with a hearing problem. No one can go through life without experiencing anxiety.

I am living with depression and anxiety for some years. No fun at all.
When disability takes away the ability to do things independently, isolates you, prevents you from being included socially like everyone else, makes doing everything in day to day life 100 times harder, YES, depression and anxiety are connected to disability. It’s my daily life.
Yes!!!! If depression is all your life for example. Bipolar is chemically imbalanced or mental health issues that can be cover by ODSP or CPP disability with the doctor (medically approve) note, okay? I had a talk with the lawyer, l learned that (name removed) migraines since he was 7 years old that called. Disabled, too! So. he have two disability that 1. Deaf and 2. Classic migraines
It can be hard to separate; but there is an increased likelihood of experiencing depression if one is disabled. Sometimes medications for certain disabilities can make things worse – a few of the ones I take can cause suicidal tendencies.
Can be….doesn’t have to be…are you thinking you’re dealing with depression? I think, this time of year, everyone is sick to death of winter, grumpy, crabby and depressed. If it’s anything worse, ask a professional. Not something to mess around with.
Definitely a trigger without a doubt!
Yes, true. I’ve been depressing since I have lost sight, I’ve been battling with it, I also have anxiety too.
Yes it is so difficult
Anyone can go thru depression. Rich, poor, whatever.I have and I don’t have disabilities.
Just because you might think you have nothing to be depressed about, doesn’t mean you can’t feel depressed!
Go see a doctor. You may need some help.
Yes, it can but for me, being Deaf doesn’t cause me any depression but since mental heath issues such as depression, anxiety and so on are part of the disability category so yes, it can cause depression.
Me again. The verdict is in, Yes, Disability and Depression are commonly connected.  I am going to further analyze connection in my next few blogs…
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