Don’t Rock the Boat

Today’s short blog is about how I am feeling today.

If I am standing, I am almost sure I am going to fall over if someone bumped me.

As I am sitting, I am reminded of the time when I was sitting on a ferry as it went over huge waves during a rough crossing from Tsawwassen to Swartz Bay (Heading to Victoria BC).  That is what I feel like on a regular basis, sitting or standing!

And, whats more, when I close my eyes, as some of you may do to gain stability, my eyes continue to jump and saccade for no apparent reason!

A saccade is a rapid eye moveent from one point to the next, and back.  For example: if you are reading this word now, then look to the distraction on your left, your eyes will focus on now, then unfocus, then shift to the distraction, then focus.  This all happens very quickly, you do not notice it.

My eyes, when at rest, are still jumpy!

Oh that is my life!  And it is gonna be a great one!

Please don’t rock my boat, I might fall and seriously injure myself.

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