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This was my very first blog and, hell, it was brief!

I started blogging five years ago, and the first object was to outline what CAPOS is, I also wanted to establish, well, I wanted to find other people who have the same CAPOS syndrome as I do. Which is why my first site was called “CAPOS Search 2015”. I have found people with CAPOS, and people with CAPOS have found me, so you can say I have been successful!

Here in Vancouver, there are about 5 people with CAPOS, I haven’t actually met anyone yet, contacts have been made.

I’ve also joined a FaceBook group that connects to more CAPOS individuals! But, hey, I am getting ahead of myself; here is the updated blog…

Good day…

I have been diagnosed with the rare genetic disorder of CAPOS, and I am looking for other people with the same condition.

More to follow, including WHAT is CAPOS…

My gosh, my blog life started out with a short “Search for CAPOS” followed by an explanation of the C part of CAPOS, but nothing says What CAPOS means…


CAPOS is an acronym that can be translated into:

Cerebellar ataxia


Pes cavus

Optic atrophy

Sensorineural hearing loss.

So, CAPOS is quite astounding! And it is also quite interesting! Lots of little things involved, lots of little parts that make the whole! CAPOS, incidentally, does not refer to a guitar part, nor does it refer to Crappy And Pissed Off Sideways!

Have a great day!

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