Part 2. There is life in the void

So last Wednesday, I had an adventure. Off the beaten path was all about how I ditched (oh that is a bad pun) my power chair. This blog will enlighten you of my time undercover.

In that instant when I realized I was going to crash, it was a flash of panic as I rolled down the embankment, followed by a punch in the gut, and pain in my feet! I hollered “Help!” a couple of times.

Within seconds of landing, the chair was pinning me, I yelled more! I thought for sure my feet, especially the right, was broken.

No, I did not yell “More!” I yelled “Help!”

Soon, a seldom-use survivalism function of my brain realized that no one was coming, no one could hear me —I’d find out why in a few minutes— so I pushed down the panic and pain, began fumbling with the seatbelt. I guess my panic was real, because for some weird reason I thought I was belted in an airplane! My right hand was looking for the release catch at the side of the seatbelt!

When I couldn’t find this thing, I guess I thought “I’m up shit creek now!” and hollered some more helps. Until, another seldom-used brain function, this one probably Common Sense, realized I was not in a plane; probably due to my eating a few weeds.

For this stupidity, I hurled a few expletives at myself!

Seconds later, I found the button of the seatbelt ‘click’ I was free! But, then instantly the chair settled further into the ditch, applying more pressure, my body renewed its calls of pain, sending fireballs of nerve impulses to my brain! Joining the chorus were my spine, now boring more weigh than necessary, my shins and knees added their messages to the mix.

I obviously couldn’t stay there, I’d just become a sandwich, don’t want that… So, I mustered all my crawling-out-of-tight-spot skills and wiggled free of my power chair!

Two things of mild, if not important, interest: I did not lose my phone at all! It was in my left hand the whole time, only putting it down once. I also had a new pair of sunglasses stuck to the top of my head!

I texted 9-1-1, my first time ever! I also texted my wife, who used iPhone locator to find my whereabouts. Because I was incognito!

It was so very hard to see, bright sunshine all around, I was straining to read texts and send messages! I was sitting on the bottom of the ditch, while texting. When I finally was assured police were on their way, I decided I had to be visible, I had the notion I was otherwise.

So, another seldom-used part of my brain came out of hibernation, this one called “First Aide Training.” I felt the right foot, mildly unsurprised that gentle touch of the sole of said foot did not cause me to scream in pain. So, I registered that was not broken and I could stand on it. Which I did, using the side of my fallen chair as brace. I stood up and took a gander around…

There was NO indication that my 300 lb chair was in this ditch! Green blackberry bushes as far as eye could see! If I wasn’t standing up, waving my hat, no one would have found the resting place of CJ-3!

No wonder nobody stopped by when I crashed, either you saw me careen into the depth, or you didn’t.

So, I stood there, waving, flagging at cars, waiting for police to arrive, and they finally found me! Took them a couple of minutes because, well, you can understand from my description above!

When they did arrive… I’ll continue in part 3: The Upward Push!

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