Walking the dog turns annoying…

Hi everyone!

While I tend to blog about life events that are awe-inspiring or otherwise, those events are rarely immediate!

It could be a week before I post an injustice that happened to me, as the following will demonstrate!

Last Friday afternoon, or was it Thursday, I can’t recall, but it matters not a dog’s turd which day… I brought my three year old dog for a walk to the closest mailbox.

I had a letter to mail, straightforwardly.

Heading to the mailbox; I walked the following route, think of a lower case d. I walked straight, across a street, then continued relatively straight to the bright red dropbox, inserted the letter, then I went out of the plaza onto the main road, cross at a different crosswalk, rounded a corner and head back home.

I took the liberty to actual draw you a picture…

On the day of this incident, my dog waited until she was in the middle of the plaza road to dump her turds. So, naturally, I picked them up, and luckily only one car came in the plaza while this excitement was dropping. I don’t even know if this was part of the story.

Dog & I walk back home, cross the street and dump the prize in the garbage bin like a good citizen!

There is an apartment building with a hospice on the top floor at the corner which I rounded to head home.

I am passing the main entrance, when an ambulance does a dangerous U-Turn, emergency lights flash quickly as the driver slowly jumps the curb. Being a hospice at the corner, I think nothing of it: someone probably fell, lost conscious, plunged a knife… oh never mind…

Point is: when I saw the ambulance, I controlled my dog, shortening the leash, and walked by, quickly, to allow the EMTs to get into the building.

I’m minding my own business, ambling home with no hurry. My dog, protective in nature, starts to bark prefusably, and so I give it a jerk and tell her to shush…

It was then, at the blue spot on the d above, when I noticed that the two EMTs were walking behind me, trying to get my attention! Obviously no one was severely injured at the hospice!

My first, and only, reaction was annoyance. I just turned and stalked home, not even giving them the time of day (it was around 3:45 PM), I didn’t even gesture “Deaf” or acknowledge them at all!

Who the hell called them? I am well known in my community, people should see me often. Using a walker, power chair or white cane. But usually nothing when walking the dog.

I do know, I remember vividly, I was very conscious and careful crossing both streets. I had the lights, no one ran a red light and hit me asunder… heck, I would feel that right away!

So, again, I’m trying to figure out who judged me drunk and called the EMT? With my dog, no one could even get close to me, I’m betting a $100!

Speaking a $100, if you are so inclined, and see this blog, donations are always welcome! Small or big, no matter! Contact me directly!

Thank you for your time, your reading, your liking this blog!

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