Automatic Doors

Hello folks: I’m getting on my box of soap right now…

You see the picture below? There is an unknown woman walking through the automatic doors into an unknown mall. Notice there are also two sets of doors to either side of the automatic door entrance?

Now, I do know why many people waltz through those doors: hands-free! One less thing to handle!

But, I need to remind you, those doors are there for accessibility, to welcome people with disabilities, power wheelchair users, scooterers, people with children in strollers, et al, into the mall.

“We welcome persons with mobility disabilities!” are what these doors are announcing!

And, while I’m trying to get through the doors, some are double-doors, some are single, I often encounter people waiting on either side, coming or going, or rushing ahead to beat me.

I’m pretty amazed!

I once stopped my power chair in the middle of a narrow set of single automatic doors to point out, politely, to the two ladies waiting patiently as I struggled through the first door…

… what are you waiting? There are eight other doors you can use.

They gasped at this arcane realization; then strode nonchalantly towards a set of doors, as if it was their plan all along enter the cacophony and bright lights of the mall through regular set of doors. Those of which are not accessible to us mobility impaired persons.

My hope is that these two ladies continue to enter through regular push or pull doors! I hope I taught them!

I hope you like this little blog!

I bid you good day!

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