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Hi there! How are you today?

When I was growing up in the 70’s, but mostly the 80’s, I’d often help my dad in his workshop; building things or mostly holding things steady. That is what I remember most. ”Don’t move!” Dad would yell at me while he ran the power saw…

I know he built a lot of things: a buffet, a clock, a old style music stand, a cassette tape holder (its right beside me, waiting to be repurposed). He even built a house, it was very small, had just one entrance, an exit, and smelled like a toilet!

He was very handy, and I try to be handy as well.

I have my tools, and my goals, and most of my free-standing goals do work. I built these two sets of shelves using the same old dresser.

But, somethings I cannot accomplish. That is where CAPOS comes in and screws the project up.

I like working independently, putting shelves on top of a flat surface, I can do easily, putting shelves on the wall, I need help. Here is why:

I think I’m handy, and handsome, but sometimes frustrating mounts. Use two examples bathroom wire shelf and •hooks.

  • I can’t see the Stud Finder window, the red light can mean Stud or space, or start of Stud
  • I can’t see the bubble in the middle of the levelling tool.
  • I can’t hold the drill, screw, shelf and level at the same time (can you?)

So, it is a struggle, I’ve got three projects waiting for some help!

I am a patient man, or I’d like to think I am!

I grew impatient waiting for some help a while ago, asked my youngest son to help put up a shelf. Yet, his friend showed up and off he went, and the bath mat got tripped me up, sent me sprawling, so I closed up shop, after a tiny tantrum. Not the boy’s fault, but the feet!

I guess the point of this particular blog is to demonstrate that I know my limitations, and my patience. So, now, I am going to build a shelf for my hot wheels, wish me luck!

Thank you for reading!

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