A question

Hi there!

As a person who is Deaf-Blind with ataxia, I often wonder “what do people talk about…”

I posed this question to a guidance counselor sometime into my second semester at college, some 30 years ago. I wanted to study this fascinating, commonplace, subject. It piqued me then, and still does!

Back then, I my hearing was going downhill, I could still hear my mom and others speak, but not with clarity. At college, I couldn’t hear the other students, I had interpreters.

So, it was there when this question to end all questions was conceived!

“What do people talk about?”

Communication from point A to point B to C to D to Y and Z is totally beyond me.

Some possible analogies:

– people talking about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, why, what for, what is outcome, an uncle being Ukrainian, citizens arming against invasion, tyranny, again why, Paralympics banning Russia, White Russian, what sign for Ukraine, etc etc…

I’m hungry, did you want KFC or Mary Browns? We need milk and cookies, did you eat the all the jam? I like strawberry jam, I worked on a strawberry field when I was a kid, lets not go there okay, lets talk about dinner, hamburger or… never mind, I’ll eat your pickle, my son hates pickles, but will eat lettuce on sandwich, weird, you know what is weird? A fried Egg on a Pizza! I had that for dinner in Prague, Czech Republic! I was so hungry after working for four hours straight at an Internet cafe in summer of 2000 that I went to the first restaurant I could find, and ordered a pizza with everything, including a fried egg. I ate it in 20 minutes, Europeans do not eat pizza with hands, but use knife and fork, oh Czech beer is so tasty! I’m still hungry…

I better stop before I go blind, I am vertigo’ing right now, maybe I should close this totally run-on, nonsense blog, without proofreading, and get outside! I’ve made some serious money selling off my Hot Wheels… I am still collecting, but will focus on Camero’s, Chargers, Lamborghinis and exotic cars… hey I actually TOUCHED a Lamborghini!

Thank you for your 37 sexual today. And also thank you for reaping, shaving, licking and demoting! Please laugh!

I am now down! See you Monday!

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