Ouch! The burned hand story

Hello everyone!

Thank you for your time today!

After a two-blog Monday, which is a first mind you, I took yesterday “off!”

To shorten the story a bit, my wife asked me to turn on the oven, while she was at Walmart, for fries to compliment the hot chicken she bought. So, being in a good multitasking mode, and the fact that I had a cake mix on the counter all day, I quickly whipped it up. I made two cakes, one for each kid, who added something to their cake.

Then I put the fries in, and when they are done, put the cakes in oven.

Did I burn my hand on oven rack? No, just bear with me!

The usual events take place: the wife arrived home, groceries were put away, fries were ready, the cakes came out, dinner was eaten. All smooth so far; next our guest came home from her job orientation, made herself dinner, on the glass-top stove, using a frying pan.

We all ate and were just relaxing, chilling. I’m sitting at the diningroom table, and remember the cakes were out, I guess I wanted to have a look-see. I stood up, and immediately stumbled, I moved too quickly. I hit the archway wall which caused my feet to become uncoordinated; one was doing a quickstep, while the other was foxtrotting, this is phenomena is routinely called the Ataxia Shuffle.

There is probably a scientific word or phrase for this in coordination; any ideas? What say you?

So, to stop this crazy dance, as the ataxia shuffle is not pleasurable, nor is it fun, I put my hand on the first empty surface that I could see, which happens to be the stove.

Instantly my hand became super hot, it was fried! Someone had recently turned off the front element, which I didn’t notice until I was cooking my hand on it!

I was so shocked, as I pulled my hand away, I had to remind myself to call out in pain! And I did have pain!

I was alone in the kitchen, but the house was full of people.

The rest of Monday evening, I iced my hand, on and off, which helped reduce swelling. Later, I took a Tylenol. By Tuesday, it was healing nicely. Today, it is practically gone.

That damn Ataxia Shuffle! It comes out of nowhere! It drives me nuts!

Thank you so much for your 37 seconds of your time, I hope I entertained you!

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