The week of the foot

Hi there

I am sitting with my foot in a totally unattractive, unfashionable, huge black air cast boot.

How did I get this unbecoming behemoth of blackness?

Well, I fell and landed really weirdly, crushing my 200 lb frame onto my foot that was stuck under me. The foot twisted inside; the ball of my foot stayed flat, while the heel toppled forward.


The next day, I went to ER and had it checked out. An X-ray was done, and the ER Doc said I had Soft Tissue Damage. Prognosis: Tylenol and Advil, rest, keep it up.

And to come back if it still hurt.

So, a week passed. I was still walked on it, shuffled around, butt-crawled up and down the stairs… Iced it for sure, emptied a bottle of ibuprofen (only 9 gel caps left), wrapped it when I could … find the tensor bandage… but it did not improve!

Halloween came and went; I hobbled around, doing the masquerade thing was not my plan this year. My kids did!

I was still in pain, and my foot was still swollen. And hot, so hot! The right foot was cool, as a foot should be, but the left was heated up like I had just gotten out of a super hot bath! It was the size of a football!

My wife suggested, and I considered, returning to the ER. I tried to ice my foot, failed, and decided follow my wife’s advise and headed back to ER.

I booked an interpreter, and went myself, as the hospital is a stone’s throw from my front door.

I was registered, triaged and assessed by a doctor rather quickly, mind you, the wait room was abuzz with post-Halloween aches and pains…

This time; the fracture doctor actually knew his stuff. After hearing my story, minutely examining my foot, and examining the X-ray from a week ago: He deduced I might have a broken bone, so he ordered a CT scan, took me directly to the radiology department, highly unorthodox! In less time than it takes to bake and frost a cake, I was back with the doctor who pulled up my tomographic images on his workstation computer, and showed me that, lo, he was right!

To emphasis his point, he pointed out exactly where I had a broken bone. If you hold your left hand flat, put your finger on the base of the ring finger, move it up closer to the wrist… that is where I have a broken bone. Got it?

His prognosis was vastly different than the previous ER doc… Wear this stormtrooper boot all day, walk like a stumbling pirate with an overlong peg leg, damn the ataxia, take Tylenol.

He also ordered surgery! And he said the quicker the better! I’m still waiting to hear back from the surgeon… I’m going to email him shortly!

So, that was my week… so far…

I need help setting up donations for this blog, WordPress seems to think everyone who can blog can also follow their explanations… Anyone want to teach me?

Thank you for reading, liking, yadda yadda…

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