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It seems that I can’t get my blogging mojo on track again.

Even through I seem to always be on my iPad, I am rarely doing a blog.

I’m either watching TikTok or playing Candy Crush – the original or Soda – or reading a book. And then when I start to blog, something pops up, in or out that otherwise interrupts my creativity.

Alrighty then…

Have you ever took a bus, and, for some reason, you were the only person on the bus? It can be pretty cool, sitting there, enjoying a limousine ride.

“Hey, Otto, dude,” you might holler at the driver, “Can you drop me off at Costington’s?” Nodding towards The Simpsons…

Or you could strike up a convo with the driver, about Striking, Unions, the days events, or just about anything really.

When I am on a bus, I usually consult my phone, play Candy Crush, Read a book or chat with my wife or kids if they are riding with me. I do observe the surroundings and the other people on the bus.

What I am getting at is, because I am DeafBlind, I stay in my world; rarely do I start a convo with anyone. And if I do, it is usually short, gestures.

Now, so what happens if the bus you are on stops at a major junction, but not your stop? And it seems that everyone is getting off the bus.

Do you…

– stop what you are doing to observe the if people are getting on?

– remove your headphones and listen for an annoucement, or

– if no one gets on, look around to see if anyone else is still on the bus, or

– look towards the driver’s cage to see if he is gesturing or something, or

– do nothing.

Usually, if I am in this situation, I would do the the first, third and fourth action in that order.

If people get on, I’d go back to level 3682.

If no one is getting on, I’d look around until I spot another passenger. If I spot one or two, I’d return to matching candies.

If I spot no one else aboard the bus, I’d look to the front, maybe the driver is gesturing or waving. Okay, I get the hint; the bus is going off duty. So, I’d gather my stuff and get off the bus.

Subways and the Skytrain are not exempt from stoppages. Many times, I’d be reading a book when suddenly the train stops in a station and everyone gets off toothpaste from a tube. I am sure there was a Charlie Brown’s teacher warble that I, obviously, missed because I am DeafBlind. Because I had my head in a book, I didn’t notice people getting off. When I am the only person left, someone has the audacity to interrupt me, and my quest; gesturing to follow. I’d cotton on quickly, grumble pathetically, gather my stuff and join the rest of the crowd on the platform. I’d be oblivious to the reason why the subway was stopped. Maybe there are repeated announcements, but I am DeafBlind and couldn’t hear a fire truck even if it was blasting its siren right in my right ear.

And so, that is why it is important to be observant, vigilant!

What do YOU do?

Thank you for listening, reading, liking, sharing, donating (soon I’ll have a donation button!) and talking about my blogs.

Be well!

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