Unblocking the block


Good afternoon, I really do enjoy blogging and writing stories! I often get positive comments from many people. That makes me feel good!

Thank you!

My last blog was a detailed explanation of the Intervenor and the impact of its role. I got quite a few emails and comments, all positive, on this blog!Then, I stopped. I became blocked.

I tell you, that is not acceptable!

I spend more time on my iPad and iPhone than expected, but am I writing blogs? Am I creating, not that I would, videos? Am I writing those stories? No! I am reading arcane and irrelevant Star Trek facts, reading the news, playing Candy Crush (level 3079 right now), or playing some idiotic, meaning time-wasting, game!

I also spend a great deal of time reading on Libby, I’m in book 5 of the Harry Potter series. Yes, I read this three times now. But it is always a good read. I’ve read the previous 4.5 in, maybe, 12 to 15 weeks. This will be the final time.

And other times, I watch Netflix or tentatively read some Facebook. I did TikTok, but refuse to put that back on my iPad!

All the time I sit reading, I could be writing!

Yes, I have a Bluetooth keyboard, yes I have a pad & pen, yes I have an imagination, which comes and goes like rain clouds in Vancouver!

I think I can take some time to get back, as my Dad recently passed away from a long battle with Cancer. I am okay, and my family is okay. Thank you in advance for your condolences!

I will close this blog with a story that happened between my Dad and my good friend, Teddy, many years ago.

Teddy, (fake name), is Deaf-Blind, he communicates in tactile ASL, and, at the time of this incident, he used a white cane to get around. Which would indicate that his vision was okay for independent travel. Since then Teddy has had three guide dogs.

My Dad told me what happened, I ought to confirm the story with Teddy!

My Dad, who was a draftsman, was on a lunch break, heading back to his tiny office, when he saw Teddy on the sidewalk, tapping his way to wherever he was going. Dad, feeling excited to see one of my friends, really wanted to say Hi and ask him “How are you?”, maybe even have a little chat. Who knows.

So Dad came up behind Teddy, tapped him on shoulder and put his hands out; he had watched me many times having avid conversations with Teddy, Dad wanted to show that, he too, was able to sign. Teddy swung around, searching for the person who tapped him, and put his hands on my Dad’s hands. This is the tactile ASL method.

Now, my Dad, who was learning sign at the time, signed something excitedly that was Not “How are You” or even “Craig’s Dad” because after a few seconds, Teddy panicked, removed his hands quickly and took off in a quick trot in the direction he had been going.

Dad stood there, confused or mystified, for a few seconds, possibly thinking “Should I run after him?”. Out of the two options, Dad chose the other; Let Teddy go his way, and instead told me about this incident!

Love you Dad!

One thought on “Unblocking the block

  1. Two things. First, Star Trek is neither arcane or irrelevant! 😍 Second, I’d absolutely love to know what your dad actually said to Teddy. It reminds me of a story my brother likes to tell about when he went to Germany on a foreign exchange program. He was walking around with his host family and he was getting hungry. Unfortunately, although he kept trying to tell the people he was with that he was hungry, he kept saying he was horny. Just a little bit of a difference in meaning!

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