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Hey everyone!

If you are Canadian, you probably heard about COVID-19 and the various financial options available for: Businesses, Temporarily Unemployed Workers, an lump Goods & Services Tax and many others that I cannot seem to recall att the moment.

You might, or might not, have heard that the Government of Canada offered to give financial support to Persons with Disabilities. This is a much needed supplement that would offset many burdens and mounting costs for those who are on Canadian Pension Plan, Disability Benefits, or on provincial Persons with Disabilities support payments.

The downside is (well other than the fact that it has not been ratified yet) that is would only benefit Persons with Disabilities who have the Disability Tax Credit .

Now, one thing that needs to said, the crux of the problem, not every person with a disability is getting the DTC.

Getting Disability Tax Credit can be like running a military grade obstacle course, in a blizzard, upside down, in high heels, and no timeouts! In other words, it is tough! And, sometimes the person applying needs to reapply every so often! The government can “forget” you applied!

I have firsthand experience about applying for government support, and having to do it again.

About 7 years ago, I applied for Student Loan Forgiveness. My family doctor filled out my form, cost me $35 I believe. But the Student Loan office returned my application saying I was “not disabled enough”. They rejected my disability! I did say I had CAPOS and they said Nope!

So I appealed; adding a letter from my Ataxia Specialist, Family Doctor redid the form ($35 again) adding a lot more details, adding other information, had support from my MP, and pow, it was approved!

So, I know how hard it is… those government works have a list of disabilities, and if your disability is not on the list, you might not get in!

All that being said:

Here is the link to an editable letter that you can send to your Member of Parliment, the Prime Minister, Opposition Leader, Party Leaders and Minister for Disabilities.

Sign Bill C-17

If that link does not work: copy this to your browser bar…

(I almost said Party Heads, do you really want to see Andrew and Jagmeet partying?!).

So, tomorrow, I will update you on my first Intervenor Services in Vancouver.

Have a great day!

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