What are we laughing about??

Hey everyone!

How ya all doing these days?

I’m alright, been at home often enough; so has my wife and two sons! We’re not crazy yet, and we are actually talking to each other! So it is fine.

I started to write about the current COVID-19 crisis, pandemic, and how people need to respect others. I don’t want to talk about COVID-19 when it is everywhere you look: News, Sports, Work Stoppages, Cancelled Concerts, Schools turning to online learning, everywhere! My head is NOT in the sand, like some people, I know what is at stake, I just don’t want to talk about it, okay. Thank you.

I want to write and draw your attention to other topics, lighthearted topics. Fun things, things that affect me, that affect persons with disabilities…

Like: What are we laughing about?

Maybe you’ve seen movies or TV shows where a group of people are laughing, then someone asks “What are we laughing about?” I think this has happened on The Simpsons, and a few other shows.

Well, I do that often! If my family is laughing about something, I usually join in, heartily laughing along with everyone, then deadpans “What are we laughing about?”

After we’ve finished this second round of laughter, my wife usually will explain what was the funny about. If it is really funny, then I would start giggling or guffawing with gusto again! While I’m laughing, the other people would quickly move on to a new topic, leaving me to recover from laughing up a lung!

I bet you can guess why this happens; I won’t help you there!

Oh, fine, I will tell you; my family is all hearing and talk talk, yak yak, blah blah, about many things!

I am Deaf in a hearing family. I do not mind it at all!

So, what were we laughing about that was so funny? Well, there was a dog that did something funny in a YouTube blurb, which I couldn’t quite see, until I had the phone to myself!

And there was another time when we were talking about this person and how he said something off the cuff that was very funny, I think it was Seth Rogen or was it Will Farrell? Can’t remember! Hey, wait, it was Colin Mochrie and his “Crouching Tigger, Hidden Pooh” improv on Whose LIne is it Anyways… I really want to read the full “script” for that…

Got carried away!

Have a good day now!

I’ll sign off here, before I lose focus.

BTW, at this time, I am not putting my donation button on my blog, there are far more important things out there right now.

Have a good night now!

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