Hey everyone!

Salutations and all that jazz!

I have been thinking about a lot of things, and then getting stuck on Candy Crush! Nothing gets done while stuck on level 2472!

And now I am stuck on being stuck! But, no, I did not open the game!!!

I started this blog on January 22, its now February 11th. Things have happened between then and now…

Let’s explore!

First, but which is actually first? How can I start with one thing, yet the other thing is also of great importance that it deserves to be First… And therein lies the dilemma!

Oh what the hell!

We’ll go backwards:

Yesterday I got a letter, well, my wife got the letter and printed it out, from my Neurologist addressed to my wife’s benefits provider for a power chair. This letter, beautifully crafted, listed many of the issues I deal with on a daily basis; some of which I am seeing an specialist for!

The power chair is top priority; walking far can be overly tiring, and not just the physical tiredness, but also the incredible amount of focus I am exerting. Most of you take for granted that you can walk straight (even while inebriated, I’m sure), walking around objects in the way, bounding up and down stairs with relative ease, not “looking for curbs yet not tripping over them. It would be best if I were to say; I could do those things; at one time, now I can’t. I walk on streets aware of curbs, bumps and such! And the last time I bounded down the stairs, Stephen Harper was still in office!

I will analyze all things the doctor mentioned, I am glad she wrote that letter because I am cognizant of what I have, but sometimes the medical terminology is better list.

Okay, now going back last week, Thursday, I had a nice chat with an audiologist; to explore the ramifications of a cochlear implant. This topic deserves its own blog post, suffice to say, I did not go that way!

Further back, I saw a sleep specialist, and will have a full blown sleep study soon. I do have sleep apnea, and have an CPAP machine; thru haven’t plugged it in for a long time because I feel that it is not working. I told the sleep specialist this and she asked if I was diagnosed with Obstructive or Central sleep apnea. I answered with a nonchalant shrug, unknown to me. After a quick physical examination, the doctor felt that yes, I have central sleep apnea. She ordered a sleep study to prove her observation. She went on to mention that with obstructive apnea, the CPAP works great, but with central, the CPAP does absolutely nothing! Again, I’ll explore this in its own blog…

Further back, last year, I had my eyes evaluated, and they are still working, but need more analysis…

I have a lot more to say; I’ll hold it for later, want to get this posted before my eye appointment in 45 minutes!

Good day!

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