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Hey everyone!

I found this article on Facebook and thought, like wow. I didn’t even read it to know what it deals with!

The article is entitled: Stop assuming I’m not disabled, just because I don’t look disabled.

What was the first thing that popped into your mind when you read that title? Was it:

  • People with Handicapped parking passes but not look disabled?
  • People using mall-scooters but walk out of the store?
  • People using a white cane but “reading” their phone?
  • People who stumble and walk into things?
  • People with “service dogs” that are not registered…
  • Etc etc etc…

I’ll have you know, each disability has its own ramifications and identifications. It is unfair to assume that a disabled person is not disabled because the disability can’t be seen. While some disabilities are obvious; others are hard to determine… But, unless you are working as a Disability auditor at Canadian Revenue Agency, which asks many questions and requires third and even fourth doctors’ confirmation letters, then what’s it to you?

If a person stumbles and falls over curbs, while it might mean he is drunk, it might also mean that he has a disability, ataxia maybe.

If a person is using a white cane to walk across the street, but whips out their phone and glances at it before walking on… she might be activating the voice feature, or asking Siri to order pizza, or turning on Spotify…

It is not your obligation to figure out if a person is disabled, and what is the cause, their limitations & strengths. You and that person are just passing by, right? You might never seen that person again… so why bother trying to determine if their disability is real or if they are just playing the disability card!

Here is the article for your reading pleasure!

Have a great day!

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