January 10, 2020

Hey readers!

Today is first day back for Vancouver Deaf-Blind community Drop-In!

This is a tradition over 40 years old, or more! It was held at Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) from mid 1980’s until sometime in early 2000’s. Then it moved to a community room in huge mall!

Here, Deaf-Blind can socialize and have fun with friends who share the same isolation and frustration.

I can remember attending many Drop-Ins starting in 1989… and met some incredible friends.

Many of those same friends are still here! With many new faces.

What do we do here? Other than chat and catch up, we play games and have activities like Halloween & Christmas events… We started playing Scrabble & Cribbage, but now play Skip-Bo and Dominos.

Usually it is fairly low key, and somewhat slow, but we do have fun and we do enjoy the time among friends!

(I started that at Drop-In recent Friday, but didn’t finish the blog until now because, well we became really busy and then I left to chat with long time friend; I never returned to the blog. I was supposed to get it out yesterday, but spent the morning wheedling thru my MailChimp… got rid of many names… and so there you have it!)

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