Hey my lovely readers!

Don’t you just hate it when there seems to be a lengthly pause between my articles? With Christmas and New Years complete, it is now time to buck down and get my blogs out on a daily basis!

I wanted to tell you about something in Early December, and here it is now.

That day, a rainy (as usual) Saturday, I was on a mission to find a case with keyboard for my new iPad.

My wife had previously shown me a case/keyboard that would work just fine with my brand new, top-of-the-line iPad. And it cost $53 on Amazon. Yet she told me to explore and look around at the mall.


So, I went to the mall, on a Saturday afternoon in December, 2 weeks before Christmas. Good plan, yes? What was I thinking? Haha!

Anyways, I went to the Apple store first, and cumbersomely used my new iPad to ask the Apple workers (do they have a proper name?) about a case/keyboard.

Normally, Apple stores have Deaf staff working there, I personally know one friend who works at an Apple store. But this particular store had none, or they were off. So, I had to use my new iPad. The staff person who helped me that afternoon was patient and helpful.

Yes, that Apple store did have a case/keyboard! And I was very interested, until he told me the price; which was $239 plus taxes! I said thank you, and took my leave.

Since Walmart was close by, I walked that way, and snagged a store scooter. This was a relief because I was starting to get tired from walking and standing…. I zoomed as fast as this scooter would allow, to the tech department at the back of Walmart… did they have? Nothing, I even asked a blue-coat. Nope. Having done my Christmas shopping, I motored back to mall entrance, and surrendered the scooter. Walmart policies say that shoppers can’t use their equipment outside the store. I know, I’ve tried to hijack it several times!

Anyways, my next object was to look in Best Buy. So, I walked across the mall, and dealt with three different sales reps, and one Best Buy Geek Squad who tried to fit my iPad into at least 8 different cases, all with keyboards. He could not get a good fit!

Why would it not fit? Because my iPad was brand new, only coming into the market in late November! So stores were behind in getting the right accessories.

Now, I was really tired of standing and walking and standing and walking. Being ataxic, it takes a lot of effort to walk and stand, but not just walking or standing, but walking straight, without knocking over random objects in my path; things like: garbage bins, young untethered children who rush around with wonderstruck expressions, yellow “slippery floors” signs (which I have kicked seriously far, unaware of course), and inattentive shoppers lollygagging who meander from left to right and back again, totally unaware -saying it double does not cancel the connotation!- that people are trying to pass them.

Sorry for the long paragraph!

So, walking and walking straight, is an issue with ataxia; on the same page is standing, and standing without falling over, is a struggle. Both wears me down.

Alright, time for the big finale… Sometime before leaving Best But Abdul walking BACK to Walmart, I came to the realization that I need a wheelchair or scooter to support me. Because walking and standing are wearing me down!

This realization was a gentle nudge, that turned into a couple of whacks.

I am now sitting in a loaner wheelchair from Red Cross that I will use for getting to and from places where I expect to stand for long periods of time.

I have a question for you: if you use a wheelchair, and also have some walking skills, do you use the wheelchair full time while outside, or do you push it, use it, walk it? Just curious.

Thank you!

See you Tomorrow!

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