New iPad, old addictions

Hey everyone!

I’ve had this iPad for over a month now, and I’ve found many new and old features… and same addictions!

I’d play Candy Crush or Solitary until the house burns down! Just yesterday I added three Candy Crush sagas: Jelly, Soda and Friends. Immediately I restarted where I left off, Facebook kept my levels enact, even through I hadn’t played those games in, at least, four years! Luckily for me, I quickly saw the errors of my ways and removed those lousy addictive time-wasters!

And, today, I tried a game that I had zero understanding of how to play, 13 minutes later, I deleted the fracking thing!

My wife did not spend a boatload of money for me to be playing games all day! But for me to be productive, and writing blogs, stories and other wonderful objects of art!

And, I got myself this awesome keyboard; so I am going to do just that, and that, and a whole lot more!

How are you doing today?

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