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Hey readers, I saw this article in mid-November and forgot to share it with you…

In today’s worldview of fairness and accessibility, don’t you think it is time to welcome all abilities to every area of life?

In terms of fashion, in which I have slightly more knowledge than I have about the inner workings of a grandfather clock, I have read about fashion industry showing models of the average woman or man, including those with disabilities. This is a step in the right direction, because showing someone wearing a thong bikini is not only for the skinny. Showing a middle aged person in a wheelchair wearing a thong bikini demonstrates that anyone can wear these dainty pieces of cloth for the thrill of it!

Oh yes, I will go no further on this picture. Colour your own world!

In the Glamour article, click below, the goal of the story is to educate people if Miss America contest should welcome a contestant in a wheelchair. My answer is, yes they should! Not everyone can walk on a catwalk, runway or dock without falling over. Let this woman try, and then I am pretty sure other women with disabilities will try.

I think the line “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is somewhat dated: Beauty is not judged upon by others, but comes from within. I know a few people who do not think of themselves as beautiful, but they are. I know I am 51, but sometimes I feel like I’m 35, and I could pass as 23 after I’ve shaved! Beauty comes from within!

Here is the article for your reading pleasure!

Happy New Year’s Eve!

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