Hey everyone!

This is so cool that I can pull up my iPad and start blogging while eating an amazing wrap at an amazing dive mere minutes after an not-so amazing experience at an un-amazing clinic!

The speed of entering the story is what is so cool!

I went to the clinic to get an X-ray for a specialist for my sleep apnea, which is connected to my ataxia. How, I’m not sure, but I will find out!

I received a letter, in a very roundabout way, with details about the appointment, including four requirements, blood work, kidney assessment and a chest X-ray. I received this letter on Friday, looked at in on Sunday and, in a coincidental moment right out of a bad 70’s cartoon, I realized I had Doctor appointment today, Monday!

I rushed to, and arrived perfectly on time, at the Doctor’s office. I didn’t even get a chance to sit down in the lobby before I was ushered, with my interpreter, into the examine room, and the door was not even closed for 90 seconds before my doctor swept in like she owns the place. By the way, she does!

After a tiny bit of banter, I showed her the letter from the apnea doctor; which required three lab results and one X-ray. After getting the lab forms I left, with the interpreter and we to the X-ray unit downstairs. I had an unfortunate incident with a fuller than full bladder, so they knew me! The receptionist wrote down “45 minute wait” before I could get a decent picture of my chest. I took the opportunity to get my lab work done, by going upstairs to the lab.

This was kinda frustrating because the receptionist in the lab did not communicate when I asked how long it would be. I gestured this by pointing to my imaginary Rolex while circling and the watch, ending with a what shrug. She didn’t cotton-on that I was Deaf.

I sat down, a bit awkwardly because I hadn’t really eaten yet and was hungry. When I don’t eat, my coordination goes out the door like an unwanted clown at a birthday party! Nod if you get my drift.

I was sitting there, playing some Candy Crush, glancing everyone 5 or 7 moves to see if anyone “called” someone who did not reply, which is usually me. But no one called or approached me.

At 12:49, which is 45 minutes since I checked into the X-ray clinic, I picked up my umbrella and headed back down to the clinic to get my chest shot.

FYI, I told the interpreter I was alright after seeing the doctor, she, the interpreter, could go to her next assignment.

Back in the X-ray clinic I sat right in front, turned off my phone and paid attention to those coming and going, I had run out of Lives, by the way; level 2295 was real tough!

When I was called, I didn’t hear it, obviously, and the technician surveyed the room and I guess the receptionist pointed me out. The tech lady came to me and asked me my name, which I couldn’t answer because I didn’t hear her. I gestured I am Deaf, but she obviously didn’t realize the white cane leaning on my right shoulder means I am also visually impaired because she repeated herself. She showed me my X-ray request form, and I couldn’t read that either, but I got up and followed her anyways…

Once inside she gestured something that looked like either a painful pregnancy or a painful stomach, being a 50 year old man, my child-producing years are far behind me, I deduced she meant a painful stomach, to which I gave her a curt shake of my head. I think that was clear. She indicated to me to sit down which I did, but pulled out a pad and wrote “I am Deaf-Blind, you need to write down your comments” in black sharpie. 5 minutes later, a different technician came and called my name, again, I didn’t hear her. But because the 3 other people waiting to be seen did not stand up or make any move, she deduced that it was me. I gave her the note I wrote, and the sharpie, and she did catch on, wrote her reply and I followed her to get my chest shot! Yeah! She manipulated my body so it was in the right alignment for the X-ray machine, took two shots and I was done.

I left there quickly and debated going back to the vampires office (that’s what I always call the getting blood) but I decided to get some food inside me because I think I already mentioned I get very ataxic when hungry.

By ataxic, I mean my. Coordination is a real issue when underfed. To prove my point, at the fantastic wrap place, I got my food a lot hotter, read spicier, than I should have, and I probably tipped too much!

And, it took me two days to finish this current blog!

Moral of this blog; I need to be proactive, informing these minions that I have to deal with, that I am Deaf-Blind with ataxia. And that I can’t lip read.

It’s amazing, by the way, how many people will assume that Deaf individuals can lip read. Even if they have a white cane in hand, or a guide dog.

Have a good day ya hear!

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