Happy Sunday

Hey Readers…

In nine days the Elves on our Shelves will be vanishing again for another year… Will the magic stay? Because my oldest so is 12 (for another 35 days), so he might lose interest in that sort of thing! The younger boy is 8 and might be a while longer before he gets warn out!

I am planning a “slaughterhouse” elves, should be fun… I’ll of course post pictures!

And, not worry, my kids not read this blogs, yet!

I’ve been really thinking about starting my writing full-time again. I have many stories and ideas… plus I want to explore the possibility of a utopia or dystopia from a person with disability view. Not just a character who’s lost a leg after the catastrophe, but characters who were disabled before and had to adopt after, without getting swindled, killed or behooved. I want to explore this because all the utopia/dystopia stories I’ve read or seen, do not have any disabled characters. I guess they were “killed off” because they were not “fittest”… Oh the plot thickens just thinking about that!

Starting in January I am going to reduce my community involvement, to focus on writing. Should be fun!

Today’s insight: Always remember you’re only on this planet for a short (long) time, so don’t take a single for Granted… Thanks Josh Groban!

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