So many frustrations, so little time!

Hey folks!

I have so many different frustrations that my wife just informed me that I need to be more positive!

There is a short list:

  • Dropping almost anything, and then getting down on all fours to pick whatever it was up… I now have a Reacher tool that I can use, but I seldom have it when I actually need it!
  • Eye strain: I am typing this blog, my left eye is following my typing, my right eye is developing an ache around the eye socket which means eye strain.
  • Typing on my cell phone: I use my right thumb to type, if I spell a word wrong and backspace, I often mmm or lll and then need to take those off!  My focus is not on the whole phone, but on the text line, and when I misspell, I focus on backspace, and then look back at the text line to see 3 or 4 m’s.  Groan!   Because of this, I usually do not write big emails or texts on my phone!
  • I also feel like a boat on water… I can sway, bump and ebb like a water current is around me.  I am never able to be still; sitting or standing!

I need a positive release!  Red wine is good, but not helpful to my ataxia!


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