Transit strike

Hey folks!

Vancouver’s transit workers are about to go on strike at midnight tonight, October 31st, 2019.

While I agree with many of the main issues the transit workers are campaigning for; including long routes, no breaks, wage gaps etc.

Yet I also voice concerns about People who are Deaf-Blind or blind/low vision.  This group of people really depend on transit.  We, individually, use transit to get around, to get out, to do things.  Going to doctor appointments, jump on a bus.  Food shopping, I take the bus.  Visiting friends may require taking three buses.  Picking up my boy from school, I could walk or I could take the bus.  In two weeks I will have an extremely important meeting, and I need to be there!  Someone is flying in to attend the meeting, from Toronto!  I need to take 4 buses to be there!

A few of my Deaf-Blind friends have jobs (bravo to them!) but getting to their jobs will be jeopardized if there is a strike.  Probably for the first while their bosses may be like “Okay, alright, you can have the week off…” then maybe “Oh have another week off…” and then “You should apply for EI…”.  The boss might see this as a way to get rid off Deaf-Blind staff because they are not on time!

And then there are the individuals, my wife being one, who do not have drivers licenses.  How is she going to get to work?  Hansom Cab?  Broomstick?  Running shoes and a heartbeat?   Nay nay!

Getting back to Deaf-Blind and low vision individuals, we simply cannot jump behind the wheel of the family Caravan and drive to Superstore for a jug of milk and bananas!

Would that we could drive, accidents we would have!

Say sorry for the dumb Yoda impression, but it is the only way I could think to try to encourage Transit Authority and union officials to get a deal done and avoid a transit strike!

Thank you and have a great Halloween!

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